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Programming: Me, Matt Thomas
Art/Animations: Rob Hornby/Lizardogre
THIS IS NOT A COPY OF PORTAL OR FLASH PORTAL. I simple used the THEME for the game. If you can only have one game for every theme the internet would be empty.
One day on MSN Rob said that we should make a portal based flash game for our signature on Xgen Studios forums. After some debate this is the idea we came up with.
Control the turret on the track to shoot portals on the walls.
Use the portals to get the ball into the switch.
Later on their are other things to get in the way such as boxes, switches and lasers.
Don't sue us, we aren't making any money of of this and it is for entertainment purposes only.
Thanks and enjoy!


good game

but LOADS of glitches.. especially the portal does not appear in the right place. Level 8 is IMPOSIBLE!!! Anyway, submited to portal collection

Over-Kill responds:

Level 8 isn't impossible. The name of the level even has a clue.
4th button in the middle section.
far left button in the first hall
1st button in the 2nd hall
2nd(middle) button in the 3rd hall.


Holy Crap dude

This game is actually pretty good. It's more of a puzzle game rather than a strategy game as you don't actually get to move around. Instead, you are stuck with controlling the turret in a a set path and using that path to solve the problem.

The one thing I didn't like was that the portals lagged when they were placed. For me that is.

Over-Kill responds:

;p Glad you enjoyed it.
Understandable that it's rather annoying to wait for the portals to appear.

nice...pain in the @$$!!!!lol

nice concept even if its been done...still makes you think and thats the point right???

Over-Kill responds:

But of course. If it gets you to think, use your puzzle solving skills and entertains you then I've done wha I wanted.


Portals appear way too late,but i´m still giving you an 8 because so many bastards don´t realize Portal already existed before "Portal:The flash version"
Still,finetune it and it will be very nice,cool concept you got there,too.

Over-Kill responds:

Yeh, the delay is kind of annoying I understand. ;p


sort of like portal in some ways like the way it is addictive nad stradegy like.it was a good game.good job

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2.63 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2007
12:56 PM EST
Puzzles - Other