Key To Adventure: Ep 1

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Joe's girlfriend is kidnapped by the evil Dr. Bad! Now, with the help of your new electric friend Bzzzt, you must venture through the treacherous Puzzle Cave to save her! Solve puzzles and find the key in every level by using two characters' unique abilities in tandem!

UPDATE: OH MY GOD FRONT PAGE!!! I'm so honored! Thanks to everyone who made it possible!


A lot more than I expected!

This is a puzzle game that I REALLY want to continue playing!

Even though the boss battle was pretty easy, lol :S

I hope episode 2 is even better and with harder puzzles!

Awesome job!


and the up left and 1 thing that the guy before mentioned helped worked throughed the game lol this game is fun but yeahh to be countiuned...
so when does episode 2 come out?

cool....i clocked the game

although on lvl 8, you have to press UP, LEFT AND 1 at the same time.....which ppl dont read..... and i coudnt understand it (other guy in the review told me this... funny ending to chapter/episode 1.... the boss fight (last level) you get into it is there is some thing with sharp things on it on the bottom of the screen with joe that if they touch you or you touch them kills you... and it moves very quickly...there is a ball on the middle of the screen and bizzt is on the top with 3 switches...click on 1 of the switch with bizzt to release the box litmited time though and then the ball must hit the thing and you complete that level

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So good man! Not perfect (boss too short, level 8 too stupid), but every masterpiece has its flaws! Joe reminds me a LOT like Quote from Cave Story (same hat, similar sprites, same question mark when looking at nothing); will the next game have the machine gun? Machine gun PWNZ spur!

How to beat 1-8

at the beggining push ''W'' & ''A'' or up and right LIKE CRAZY and u can jump as high as long u push jump so u can get the Key

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3.89 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2007
12:04 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle