Key To Adventure: Ep 1

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Joe's girlfriend is kidnapped by the evil Dr. Bad! Now, with the help of your new electric friend Bzzzt, you must venture through the treacherous Puzzle Cave to save her! Solve puzzles and find the key in every level by using two characters' unique abilities in tandem!

UPDATE: OH MY GOD FRONT PAGE!!! I'm so honored! Thanks to everyone who made it possible!


Cave Story?

It's a good game, I'm gonna add it to my favorites list.

On a side note, Have you played Cave Story? Beacuse some of the graphics look similar.

ZacharyHinchliffe responds:

Actually, Cave Story was one of my main inspirations in this game. Go figure.

Wow, that game was really awesome o.o

But, in the sequel, maybe you could give him some kind of attack? Fighting generic evil monsters is always fun.

Okay; for those stuck in the 1-7, I'm gonna give the ultimate tip without spoiling stuff: Just change the camera to Bzzzt. He can fly. Right? And he has no limitations to where he can fly if the cam is on him. 'kay? Now, go beat the game!

Great game, though I'm stuck... 1-7.

It's a great game, and I normally don't ask for help in the comments but what do I need to do in 1-7? I looked in the comments and it said to look at the arrows in the background...Well their pointing up and I can't get there.

I found a cool glitch

once every thing goes black and tells u the name of the map rapidly start pressing w and d then u get unlimeted jump hey works for me less work and Cool game author

Very nice

Haha this is definitely front page stuff. I found it very funny and the gameplay was good. Contrary to what some have said, i liked that I had to figure out the function of the boots and really have no complaints against the graphics. Only complaints would be I could have used more powerups and the boss fight was rather weak. If these things are fixed in the sequel you'll have a great game for sure (not to say that this one isn't too). Really nice work; I have high hopes!

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3.89 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2007
12:04 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle