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*UPDATE* 1/03/08
I fixed some things. First, I compressed the movie, cutting the file size almost in half. I added a play and pause button along with a small note to fend of the haters.
If this is your first time viewing this flash I recommend you read the Note before watching the movie.
*Edit* 12/27/07
Sweet, it got added to the collection, satisfaction ensues!

I decided to do one of those "My Newgrounds" things started by Allen Awesome.
I think this will prove to be unorthodox, in a sense you can call it a parody.
I tried to make this funny, but comedy isn't my specialty so I don't know how it is going to be for you.

I was up all night doing this.



Lots of people complain about how short movies are, but you are all saying its too long, well lol if you think thats long watch this for an hour and 8 mins (its not mine): well... go onto collections click on pokemon then click on splash.

Anyway it was great, on of the most original ideas i have found while browsing the my newgrounds area. Good job done well!(or whuteva.)

knuxrouge responds:

Thanks, I guess...

Well done.

This is a cool submission, this is one of those submissions that you know has had some good work put into it. The graphics weren't much, but the whole storyline and argument was really rather creative and fun to watch. It was long, but in a good way and it really entertained well. Nice job.

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knuxrouge responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you appreciate it.


was so waiting for sonic to disappear xD nice submission but the music got annoying after a while :P the arguments about who would kick who's ass was sorta funny and my voice in that would be FULL METAL PANIC!! :p had to say it.

knuxrouge responds:

Well, the anime debate was all in light-hearted humor to express the dumb opinions of the fans who hate one another for liking something else. Although I perfer Bleach, Death Note and Naruto are also decent animes that I enjoy. You opinion is somewhat appreciated, but not really necessary in all honesty, it was just a joke after all.
Anyway, I'm glad you liked it.


Long, boring but I watched it all.
Many good things in there, I liked the arguments that kept coming up, and one of the best things has to be Knuckles being a member of NG and what he says about this.
Some good taste in there, and I liked the argument about Chemical Plant Zone's poisonous water.
I also liked Shadow playing that RPG, when you reply to this review could you add the name of that game I wanted to try it but I keep forgetting the name.

Overall a good and different addition to the My Newgrounds craze.

knuxrouge responds:

Long and boring? But you gave it a 10.
Whatever, the game's name is Tales of Symphonia.
I'm glad you liked it.


A little to long, if it was shorter might have been better.

And no Death Note did not steal the Shinigami idea. :\ Shinigami stands for Death God, Bleach and Death Note just have 2 different variations of it. Besides Bleach + Naruto sucks. Sry just had to say it :).

me <---- anti naruto and bleach :P

knuxrouge responds:

The Death Note thing was a joke, it was not serious. I don't mind any of the three, they are all good shows, I just like Bleach best, I see no reason why you would hate Bleach or Naruto, just because the popular opinion says that they are in the league of Death Note.
Your review was mostly your opinion on the three animes, you were better off Pming me that part.

In any case, thanks for your review.

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2.83 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2007
9:06 AM EST
Comedy - Parody