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This submission isn't related to the holidays, but it's my gift to the Clock Crew, as I just realized the other day that I've only made one Clock movie this year.

This was a self-challenge. I gave myself two days to make an animation to this entire segment of music. I couldn't use any tweens and I had to hand-draw everything (without using automated lines and text). I also had to keep that same background image and use only a single solid color.
It was fun. And I hope you enjoy it.

**NOTE FOR USERS ON SLOWER COMPUTERS: Try lowering the quality settings (which can be done on the drop-down right-click menu). It will allow flash to perform better if your computer is slow, thus making the animation smoother.


I knew the clock crew was capable...

...Of making quality flash. You guys hide it rather well, but underneath it all, you guys are very capable. I'll admit that I've seen good stuff from you guys in the past, but it only happens so often. Great work, I hope this begins a whole new era of clock-work (pun intended). 5 out of 5 - 10 out of 10.

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ToadClock responds:

Well, as I stated, the Clock Crew is all about self-expression. Maybe most of us can make "better" movies, but I don't think many people have stopped to consider that many Clocks LIKE to make the movies that the average Newgrounders hate. Many of those movies most people deem as "crappy" hold some sort of significance to the Clock Crew that, though most people won't understand and get angry about it (which, in a way, adds to the fun for most of these guys), we'll keep making anyway.

That was Clocktastic.

Hopefully your colleagues also learn from this and start to do some serious flash pwning. Everything was well done and I love the Viking.

Max Score.


Maybe if I had seen this instead of the hordes of **** that I've seen since I've been on NG, I might have thought differently about clocks... why is there only one or two good apples in a barrel of bad ones.

You did a great job on this, hope you make more!

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Brilliantly done Mr.Toad, one of those rare movies that brings a warm glow to a dark day. (at risk of sounding a tad poofy)

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it was good animation and all but the clock crew style holds you back. its hardly self expression at its finest if you are animating a bunch of people's personal user avitars instead of original material. you have a lot of potential though and could be a really fantastic animator if you broke out of the CC mold, keep up the good work

ToadClock responds:

I have tons of other movies, and am continuing to create many more, that aren't related to Clocks at all. This isn't my only NG account.

However, you do make a good point, but I'm not going to argue "self-expression". Seems kind of pointless, considering it's entirely a matter of personal feeling and opinion.

Thanks for the review.

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4.05 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2007
4:39 AM EST
Music Video