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This submission isn't related to the holidays, but it's my gift to the Clock Crew, as I just realized the other day that I've only made one Clock movie this year.

This was a self-challenge. I gave myself two days to make an animation to this entire segment of music. I couldn't use any tweens and I had to hand-draw everything (without using automated lines and text). I also had to keep that same background image and use only a single solid color.
It was fun. And I hope you enjoy it.

**NOTE FOR USERS ON SLOWER COMPUTERS: Try lowering the quality settings (which can be done on the drop-down right-click menu). It will allow flash to perform better if your computer is slow, thus making the animation smoother.

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No words, yet some much is said.

I liked it a lot!

I wasn't expecting that much, but I was very impressed! You certainly deserve your Daily Feature and high score! It was undeniably short, but the way the animation moved so fluidly just made it for me! You really put a lot of interesting looking characters together in a short time to make worth watching! I'd love to see more.


i really really liked this man. amazing job. i really liked your choice of canvas/background picture. as others have said, i would have loved it to be longer, but the quality of this piece makes that ok. =-D all my 5R belong to this!


this was an excellent little movie. i wish it was longer. the music/graphics everything was very very well done.

An impressive acheivement

Great grpahics.
Great Music.