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My Christmas present to Newgrounds!

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Well I remember this

so beebo was always a fun and fan favourite wish there was some subtitles but this was pretty entertaining with all the dialog and such and a great christmas theme you have some nice ideas here on this one it was very entertaining so nice job indeed.

funny classic could use some subtitles


For some reason, I don't seem to recall this episode being that good. It was a lot better than I remembered! Well, it's always great for Christmas. I especially love the goofy live-action faces. Or should I say photograph faces? Beebo was actually a pet name of mine.

It's also the name of this website. I guess it's a popular name. Beebo actually didn't do much here. Do mention of Bob Saget? Wait, he's not funny. There was certainly a lot going on.

Beebo and Christmas: Perfect combonartion!

Oh Beebo Beebo Beebo, I don't think this series will ever get old and has been entertaining me since my early days of Newgrounds and that is somerthing not many series can do. I love the jokes the amount of wrong in the script and it's still a cat with Facial hair! Need I say more!

Come back soon!

My god this is funny.

Fuck describing this with words, it can only described with laughter.


My favorite flash series and author. Id go to fucking war for you!