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DDR Quiz

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**DDR Quiz v2 will be released soon! 20 questions for you to tackle!**

I spent about a half-day working on this submission so I hope you enjoy it!

The DDR Quiz is basically a short, little quiz that tests your knowledge about the all-popular dance game, Dance Dance Revolution. Since the quiz is about the game, I can't give you a biography on the game so you'll just have to find out on your own.


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it is better than nothing,right?

the first time try this quis i hade a 3 out of 5


u should put some questoins on some songs lol really chalange ppl =)


Well, it's a decent quiz, but it doesn't seem to be within a very appriciated genre . . . and I don't know many of the answers either. Interface is also a bit simple, could use some improvement . . . but it's a good start! Keep going!


(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
I used to play DDR back in the day. Now I've moved to ITG and MGD though. Either way, I got all the questions right, which was cool.

^^Needs Improving^^
The questions were really easy and there were only five of them. Hopefully v2 will have some better questions that are more challenging. I also think you may want to work on the graphics, these were pretty plain. And some music from the game itself maybe a good idea.


cool quiz but it was to easy. I suggest add some questions based on like the game characters,popular artist *Couch* Captain Jack *Couch*. The year one almost got me though had to think on it. Great job though.