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1- THE GAME autosaves as you play, saving where you are, your potions, levels, etc, so feel free to leave and come back later
2- CONTROLS are changable! OH and if youre confused when you get flight, SPACE is up, F is down and land. THERE IS a controls menu
3- BEST VIEWED in a popup window, due to some use of the mouse wheel
4- SOME PEOPLE are having trouble loading the game at all. it MIGHT be to do with how NG brings up the flash on the same page. try it in popup window, or on jazzastudios.com

Here it is! the PALADIN game!
Play as Auron and experience the action of the PALADIN series first hand in this fast paced sidescroller

-Completely customizable controls
-Unlockable cheats and special characters
-Animations and minimovies between each Act
-6 Bosses, 9 Acts
-Spells, Attack combos, a levelling system + MORE!!

For those who get a little confused or lost in the game regarding controls and objectives, theres a handy little mini-toolbox on the left of the in game screen. (T = tips, Q = quality, S = sound)
In this toolbox you can change settings and access tips without leaving the game.

Big thanks to Tom Fulp, Newgrounds, Edwyn and Lucien for their voice work, and HUGE PROPS TO MOONKEY! for being the best coder around!



Impossible with certain builds

Great game, but impossible for certain builds. For example, I tried to go through the game (on normal) using only magic like techniques. It worked out pretty well, with Turn Undead being a great way to clear everything in an AOE effect.

I maxed out Aura, Health, Speed, and almost every skill except Flight, Barrier, and the Charged up sword and shockwave (by the way? Shockwave is useless). Pretty much, my guy could regain aura (albiet slowly) with his shield up (immune to most attacks), and hold up a turn undead long enough to kill them. I used Wrath to get rid of pesky situations such as the skeleton king, and the fight against the mage, who SADLY was NOT effected by turn undead.

However. . . Once I got to the Dragon, most of my skills were useless, because I COULDNT USE THEM. And the ONE skill I could use was IMPOSSIBLE to kill the dragon with in the allocated time!

ALSO, for some ODD reason, that skill sometimes went RAPID FIRE MODE and SLAUGHTERED everything in sight (the fireball move) by hitting them like a chaingun (and draining my mana), but this NEVER happened on the Dragon.

Improved Flight is also a horribly useless stat, and so is dex, because you don't get to do combos with any of the skills, and thats where the majority of your damage is going to be.

Speaking of which, you rip off a lot of sounds from WoW, and it might be better to look for some free base stuff instead. I love WoW, but in a game that's so original...

Stats are a major problem. Dex and Speed I found out were useless. Jumping higher played no important part in the game, EXCEPT when youre fighting in the cage. However, once I found out that I could use the barrier skill to avoid him eating my face, even that lost its praticality. With full Aura, putting any points into the barrier skill is useless. Even without full Aura it is, because you don't need to spam the skill except in the mage fight. Health was medicore, if you maxed it out you missed out on a lot of stuff. While Strength is ABSOULETLY REQUIRED, and I even think it modifys your spells damage...

My suggestions:
Make points in barrier allow you to move forward (at 20% on the second point, then 10% per point in addition, to 100% movement speed at 10 points) in addition to reducing its Aura cost.

Increase the fireball skill drastically so it can be used as a main form of attack.

Shockwave needs to be more useful. You really only need 1 point to max out what its used for (a form of crowd control)

Judgment is horrible in every part of the game, UNTIL YOU GET TO BOSS FIGHTS, were it beats the HELL out of Turn Undead. Both Turn Undead and Judgment need a slight redesign. Maybe have it so Judgment is a straight AOE, and have Turn Undead not stun everything that reaches its influence, but allow it to be an activated passive instead of a chanelled spell. This allows Shockwave to still be useful.

Flight is horrible. Not the actual skill, but the point investment. At the end of the game, its wasted points, and throughout the game you really don't want to fly around for a long time. Just enough to go over towers. Great concept however.

All in all a great game, even if my 'build' didnt work out. You could go VERY far with the system once you get rid of the glitches, improve the skills, and get orginal sound. 10/10. (And I'm 5ing this for good measure as well)


I've been waiting for this, ever since I saw the trailer!

It's absolutely awesome!

I loved it, what else is there to say?

The whole thing is amazing, the music was just epic that suits the cobat, the whole fighting worked. The spell feature was nice, it was fun to fly and attack from there. The graphics were beautiful, the narrating voice was well chosen. I love everything this game has. Too bad it lagged a bit on me though.

I wanna fly!

This game is awesome, but why I'm writing is because I'm not sure how to fly, I change the spells to fly right? Then I hold space which is jump/fly and the let go? I missed the tutorial bit on flying :(

But so fair really great game, great RPG action and fantastic cutscenes. Amazing this is all squashed in 9.7mb.

What to do if it glitches

This happened to me, what you to is load up the window again, and click "play game" it will let you continue the game. BTW, there are ALOT of glitches. my interface froze on lvl 7, and i was lvl 13.

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Dec 23, 2007
1:54 AM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler
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