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1- THE GAME autosaves as you play, saving where you are, your potions, levels, etc, so feel free to leave and come back later
2- CONTROLS are changable! OH and if youre confused when you get flight, SPACE is up, F is down and land. THERE IS a controls menu
3- BEST VIEWED in a popup window, due to some use of the mouse wheel
4- SOME PEOPLE are having trouble loading the game at all. it MIGHT be to do with how NG brings up the flash on the same page. try it in popup window, or on jazzastudios.com

Here it is! the PALADIN game!
Play as Auron and experience the action of the PALADIN series first hand in this fast paced sidescroller

-Completely customizable controls
-Unlockable cheats and special characters
-Animations and minimovies between each Act
-6 Bosses, 9 Acts
-Spells, Attack combos, a levelling system + MORE!!

For those who get a little confused or lost in the game regarding controls and objectives, theres a handy little mini-toolbox on the left of the in game screen. (T = tips, Q = quality, S = sound)
In this toolbox you can change settings and access tips without leaving the game.

Big thanks to Tom Fulp, Newgrounds, Edwyn and Lucien for their voice work, and HUGE PROPS TO MOONKEY! for being the best coder around!



Great game with a few annoying problems.

First of all this game is great. the combat is very fun and has a lot of depth for a flash game. Also, the rpg elements work really well. Leveling up and choosing which power to use enhances the game greatly. However, the spells don't work nearly as well and make the control scheme to complex. Most of the spells are alright but the really annoying one is the flight spell. It's really frusterating and hard to control when your flying and taking out archers at the same time. I think if you had separate fully side scrolling flight levels it would have been much better. However, despite it's faults this is still a great game and is really fun to play.

Voted 5


This game is nearly perfect. any other game, i would say it was 100% perfect, but this one is so big i have to mention the minor flaws. There are a few glitches with the aiming, most happen when trying to use aura blast. a lot of times you will miss the enemy even though you should hit him, just because you are a pixel or 2 far up or down, this one happens A LOT when fighting the priest in one of the last levels, other then that, on the fight against radiel when he is on the bone dragon, it is impossible to kill the dragon in time unless you have placed your skills right wich will be really annoying for people who didnt put enough stats on auras. this game also has frame rate problems, but they aren't vary bad. i may seem like im complaining a lot, but im not. its just a few minor bugs im mentioning, this is a truely awesome game, you can ask Jazza, i asked him every single day on msn when this game was comeing out, and it WAS worth it. now i'm going to beat it as blockhead :D bye!

Jazza responds:

thank you! preciate it
and yeah, blockheads my fav dude to play, as well as napoleon dynamite


This has got to be the bestest Flash game i have ever played. Bit laggy at times, but the storyline and the gameplay and graphics and music made up more than enough for it.

But that boss with the black coat and the skeleton like face (is that the last boss?), he keeps shooting those green fireballs and teleporting away. And, he sucks all my life and mana away. All my skills are gone, so how am I supposed to kill him?

Jazza responds:

theres certain tequniques. the point is he is impossible to get to, but thw two spells you have left come into it

shockwave interrupts his teleport, powerattack makes him recoil from the graspong burning spell

nice game

its a nice game, one of the most rendered and more interesting games wif a decent storyline on newgrounds. The priest zombie wif magic shield(or some sort) was abit sudden, it will be impossible for people with low or none magic ability to kill him, luckily for me i had at least turn undead, but still took me a hell long of time to kill. prolly juz give some hints or creeps before tat tat there will/may be a boss wif magic shield, otherwise some people might really juz go blademaster and heck care the magic.
Overall feeling of the game is great, gives me the same feeling when i first played diablo, adventurous, fun and never boring, not many games even in the market nowadays gives this feeling, mostly are focused on graphics, which i personally think for games is a big no-no, a simple game like pac-man is fun :) still, it is a bonus. heh, sorry for blabbing on and on. Good job

Hey I saw this

man, just wanted to say it was a Great game! Um... I saw it in the forums and it was looking very good. You might wanna find out how to make the a flash lite game or even you might wanna look into a finding a way to get Tom Fulp to sell it on the Xbox live Arcade, just like alien homonoid. The only bad thing was the tremendous lag. Anyway, Good luck =)

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4.29 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2007
1:54 AM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler
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