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1- THE GAME autosaves as you play, saving where you are, your potions, levels, etc, so feel free to leave and come back later
2- CONTROLS are changable! OH and if youre confused when you get flight, SPACE is up, F is down and land. THERE IS a controls menu
3- BEST VIEWED in a popup window, due to some use of the mouse wheel
4- SOME PEOPLE are having trouble loading the game at all. it MIGHT be to do with how NG brings up the flash on the same page. try it in popup window, or on jazzastudios.com

Here it is! the PALADIN game!
Play as Auron and experience the action of the PALADIN series first hand in this fast paced sidescroller

-Completely customizable controls
-Unlockable cheats and special characters
-Animations and minimovies between each Act
-6 Bosses, 9 Acts
-Spells, Attack combos, a levelling system + MORE!!

For those who get a little confused or lost in the game regarding controls and objectives, theres a handy little mini-toolbox on the left of the in game screen. (T = tips, Q = quality, S = sound)
In this toolbox you can change settings and access tips without leaving the game.

Big thanks to Tom Fulp, Newgrounds, Edwyn and Lucien for their voice work, and HUGE PROPS TO MOONKEY! for being the best coder around!



luv the game but hve not betten it yet but need to fix the easy mode will not work but 5 out of 5


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Sorry, to put no stars but well it does not save for computers that autoremove any created data like google chrome.

Awesome game. Archers are bullshit though.

A quite complex and well made game. Various builds can create certain advantages and weaknesses. A few builds and their outcome will I explain here:

1. Physical attack. You start off with a lot of points in strength and dexterity, granting you an easy way to kill stuff. Eventually you'll get health and speed as well to make sure you don't die so fast. As for the spells, Power Attack and Shield, with maybe some points in Shockwave, will do quite nice. At the end, you'll be able to kill the final boss quicker than other builds due to your high physical damage.

2. Magic attack. I took this build. I started with health and aura, giving a point in dexterity every two levels untill I could use the powerful spells (which you get at lvl 10). At the final boss fight, I used my last 5 points in speed to be able to evade his shots. As for the spells, I ended up with 5 in Shield, 5 in Aura Blast, 10 in Power Attack, 2 in Turn Undead, 10 in Judgment and 7 in Flight. My large health regeneration allowed me to take a hit from any boss attack and be back at full health for the next hit. (Not counting the final boss, as I needed speed to win it) My aura regeneration allowed unlimited Shield time against Radiel, giving me mana even when shielding after having used some aura blasts. The final boss went rather difficult, as I was mainly build to attack with magic.

3. Speed. As a speedy character, you'll pick speed and dexterity as your main stats. This grants you the ability to use the hit-and-run tactic better than the other builds. You might get either strength and health or aura and health later on, depending on what you like best. The spells you'll pick will probably be Flight, Power Attack and Shield, as they grant you mobility, damage and longevity respectivily.

Of course, there will be other ways to build the Paladin. It's up to you to find out what you like best.
NOTE: I haven't tried any of these builds in normal or hard difficulty, so you can decide wether to believe this or not.

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Dec 23, 2007
1:54 AM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler
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