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Escape Pear Room

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full description: Rupert is a Christmas grinch, and his neighbors are tired of putting up with him. They've locked him in the pear room, and have hidden away his Santa suit. Help Rupert escape so he can ruin their celebrations.

(Once again it's important to remember where you take items from, so that you can put them back if necessary)

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I absolutely LOVED the "full inventory" concept. Most escape games, you are encouraged to pick up everything you can and they are automatically removed when their usefulness has ended. This was a bit more realistic in that you don't know if you're done with this tool and you can't pick up another because you're overloaded already.
That said- the game was a bit harder than I would have liked. I had to consult a walkthrough for much of it. Santa in the clock: it made sense to set the clock to noon for something to pop out, but why click the tassels three times and then the door? What in the game suggested that? And his puzzle piece requires split second pixel perfect clicking. Super annoying. Bell puzzle was annoying, too, because it's sound-only. Having each bell shake as they sound would have helped visually.
The all-blue puzzle was tedious. It's doable, since each piece is shaped differently, but it would have been helpful to have an image you were trying to complete and would have benefited the genre if the image was a clue to another puzzle.
I loved the foreshadowing of the picture over the bed, but removing the branches from your log was another tedious process. I would have liked to accomplish it with fewer clicks.
I don't understand why the lemons in the bag could rotate. It would seem they were hiding something if you could just rotate them each in just the right way, but I escaped without solving any puzzle there.
Overall, a good, innovative escape game but I would love to see some tweaks.


Very fun, yeah I agree on the whole walk through thing. Very interesting


its was hard you should put a walkthrough.

2keys responds:

you can find a walkthrough here

too big

the screens too big, can't fit on ordinary computers, better fix that.

2keys responds:

you can use any dimension with ratio 1.4 , e.g. 700x500

was fun

was fun, but I couldn't finish it. there has to be a save feature or some hint system. I was stuck with the candles, what was I supposed to do with the candles after chopping off the branches of the tree? didn't make any sense.

2keys responds:

use the lighter to burn all candles

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3.91 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2007
12:46 AM EST