Alfred's Playhouse Pt. 3

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This is the conclusion to the Alfred's Playhouse Trilogy.
Melting into the hole of self-pity from a recent cutting frenzy, Alfred gets comfort from the love of his playhouse friends. And, yet again, the playhouse is not all that it seems - except this time, Alfred notices it. Another 'penetrating' realization involving the eggburts means that Alfred knows too much - and has to get a visit from his alter personality, Dictator Alfred. Will Alfred stay in denial in the ignorant bliss of his playhouse, or will he face his painful reality, the truth? And more importantly, will Dictator Alfred take power over Alfred?


Dictator Alfred

He was in control, and has been, for a long long time,
If all Alfred can do is wallow in misery, then of course Dictator will be in control,
Because he was made to be at the wheel taking the brunt when all is lost,
If it is always all lost, he will always be in control, but this just put the icing on the cake....

emily-youcis responds:

you know, i beleive that in myself, the dictator has been taking over.
and sucking out my will and filling me with shame and guilt and making me addicted to food and commodities. I know what it is.
BUT we must FIGHT@@@@@!!!


the best one ever and to think all because of a popsicle

My favourite

Out of the three, I'd probably pick this as my favourite, but all three are fantastic in their own way. The thing I liked the most about this one though was the scene with the two Alfred's and their conversation. The neat-o shadowing and stuff was great.
Though I was just curious, what is the name/artist of that song you have in this one?

Emotional inpact

Looks like you have alot of people balling up after you released the third episode, nice job even I was amazed. the first one I saw was "the Rise of Alfred" and even then I already realized the emotional impact it had, the corrupted mind of Alfred, Everything including sounds are distorted perfectly to give that insane feel, , makes me feel like I've gone that mad hehe.

I wanted to work with you but then again, you dont need me at all, Its just sounds fun really =) Keep this work up Emily. Also I read somewhere that you Spam to vent, completely understandable =) Love these movies ;o

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"we ARE your mind, how can you escape yourself?" think of beeing trapped in a mind like that, made your own reality to suffer in cause something screwed your personality and your psyche. First i saw this i thought its just a piece of sh** someone made to annoy people (first episode). but now ive seen all 3 episodes and its clearly to see theres a sense in this anim. a very scary but real sense.

Keep up your work please. my first rating and 10 Stars on newgrounds for you.

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Dec 22, 2007
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