Ninja Rampage

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Ninja rampage,
Bloody game made by Iggy Zuk

LEFT - move left
RIGHT - move right

A,S,D - attacks

BACKFLIP - while climbing press the opposite button of the wall.

:D enjoy


The day of the high score is over:(

I liked that you got stealth for the most part right. Here's the pros:
*Good use of environment (gongs, flaming lanterns, walls)
*Nice attentive bad guys (They actually came after me and had a nice Field Of Vision)
*Later levels are pretty tough. (levels 19-21 most notably)
*Bad guys are actually tough. (You can't fight them and live so you must use stealth)
Now this game wasn't without its oh so hurtful flaws. Here's the cons:
-Longer levels would add a better sense of accomplishment to each one.
-More bosses before the last boss would've been nice.
-Password access to levels would've been cool for those needing to quit.
-The hardwork to achieve grand master on each level felt worthless when a high score is all that can be achieved and not a survival mode, cut-scene or even a costume change.
Overall the game was cool, but definitely not the best in its genre.
Keep it up and maybe your sequel will bring the game above the competition.

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make a sequal with the same graphics....

but maybe you can have some more puzzles in it (like that latern thing). I like the game. it was good fun EXCEPT THE CONTROLS BUGGED THE HECK OUTTA ME! but i guess that was some of the challenge.

EXCELLENT JOB- 10 stars for you.


It was a great game, but it was too short it would be great if it was longer.

Eh, it was kinda good.

I think it's nice but kind of easy. and the rate of position switching is short.


It's really not that great. Most of the levels are too easy. The only ones that I wasn't able to do in less than fifteen seconds were the ones that were made to be impossible, such as the one with the three NPCs and the gong. It's really just annoying when you do things like that. Second, why make three different killing moves if they all do the same thing? Trying to find out what attack did which only served to irk me in the end when I found out that all of them were similar. Furthermore, the graphics were really choppy. The walking animation especially was really terrible. The entire game reminded me of an episode of South Park. Another thing that I noticed was that on some levels the environment would glitch, and walls that should have been scalable before were suddenly unclimbable. There's nothing more annoying that spending twenty minutes on a game only to have to exit the level and go back to the menu and then realize that there was no save feature. Oh yeah, there wasn't any save feature to speak of. I definitely disagree with the people giving out tens. Ninjas don't immediately make a game great, and this game was a case in point. In my opinion, this game was better in its original format.

Yes, that's right people. This game is a remake of a game that can be found on a different website. That version is also much better.

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4.11 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2007
11:16 AM EST
Action - Other