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The Dot of Excellence 2

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Author Comments

And now the Epic sequel to the Dot of excellence! This time he picked up a few hot chicks.

Update 12/31/08: Wow 1,000+ views. The dot of excellence now picked up a couple of more chicks to make this a classic of epic proportions!


So, this is what you turned into?

Animation / Graphics - I should just copy and paste what I did from the other review and I would if that wouldn't be considered plus 1ing my review count and being abusive. This is absolutely terrible. No animation, just random pictures that nobody really wants to see among a picture of a dot. Very boring.

Story - Nothing here at all. It's just spam, spam, spam, spam. It's like you don't really care about the quality of the movie, but you just keep making them because for some reason now they pass. I rather you actually attempt something when making a flash.

Audio - Again, only 1 point on my rating for this for the same reason as the last one I reviewed.

Overall, please don't spam and put a little more effort into your work.


~ Review Request Club ~

Lacks everything

I think that we're touching upon the real issue with this 'series'. You're past caring if they do or don't pass judgement.

What we've ended up with is a Google search of images of 'video game females', which you've pasted around this one dot with an appallingly drawn smiley. I'd suggest that the best way to improve this flash is to try using a little technique that we in the Flash community call animation. This involves moving something around on the screen.

You've not got a preloader, so first off try making one of those. A tutorial can be found in the database of all NG Flash. From there, give the movie some substance - plot and background imagery are examples of 'substance'

The audio quality sucks, so don't compress it as much. Plenty of file space to get you to the 10Mb limit.

Try drawing your own images - these would look much better, as people look more favourably upon people willing to draw their own stuff than sprite manipulation artists.

[Review Request Club]

Worse then numer 1

A poor sequel which should have beeb better.

Graphics.2/10 This like the first featured no animation at all, it was it a picture of loads of video game characters. They did look good the bigger ones, but it was a collage which did not seem like a great flash idea.

Sound/3/10 Again only the sound waa from Sonic which is great ,but with the pictures it seemed wrong and made no sense. Aprat from the fact some off them were, from the Sonic ones.

Humor.1/10 Apart from the spammy nature of this flash ,it was non existant and the fact it was worse then the orginal was not good thing.

What ithis had was more picturee then the first whih i suppose looked good and i did like the sounds from Sonic.

The fact this was worse then numder one is a real shame , but by adding more content you made it look untidy and messy. At least with numer one you ,had Mario moving this had no movement at all.

Overeal a poor sequel which should hav,e improved on the first try making movments not just a still picture.

Review Request Club

Wegra responds:

1 word: poop

amazing dudes

by JECO software

Wegra responds:

So I see you didn't flush.

huh wha...?


Wegra responds:

Malons Boobies :3

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Credits & Info

2.52 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2007
10:38 PM EST