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One Cowgasmic Christmas

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Author Comments

This was kinda rushed.

I decided to make a Christmas flash about Cows. In "One Cowgasmic Christmas" a Cow recives an all so awesome Wacom Tablet. This is my first "real" FbF work, so yeah, it's rough.

Also, this is my last mouse drawn flash movie.

If you leave a review I will respond.

Merry Christmas!


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(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
It was rushed, but still a pretty good movie for being rushed. I liked your many different choices of music. I also thought it was pretty cool how the cow woke up and looked like he was going to kick ass. That's what I thought was going to happen. Anyway, a nice and short Christmas movie.

^^Needs Improving^^
I didn't get to see what he got in the gift. Must have been not paying attention, but still, it went by pretty quickly.

Imacow responds:

The glass breaking was supposed to be Santa knocking over a lamp or something when he was delivering presents.

Fast yet good

I liked it, short and simple.

The graphics were noting to write home about, but I did like the fact you were able to work with your skills and make it look more than decent. Simplicity in the best possible way.

Really liked your song/song choice, nicely worked into the story.

The story was fast and random, but was good for what was there. Overall I quite liked what you used and how you made your skills work in the movie, great job

=Review Request Club=

Imacow responds:

Thanks for the review.

Needs some work, but has potential!

Graphics/Animation: 6
As I base my scale from 1-10 in this off of the top flash submissions out there, anywhere from 5 to about 7 isn't a bad score. The animation isn't top of the line, but it isn't bad either. The only problem I really encountered with your drawing skills is the character movement, they basically just bounced around the screen. It's nothing you can't fix, you just have to add a little bit more detail to the characters when they're moving around the screen. Nothing you can't practice to help achieve higher schores!

Sound/Music: 6
You had around an 8 or so before I heard the music near the ending which was cracking a lot, so it kind of took away from your score in this department. Otherwise there were a couple of sounds that seemed a little off, but there was nothing too major to complain about here.

Humor: 7
This was actually pretty funny, I got a laugh out of it since there were cows....and Santa was a cow, and then since you called it a "Cowgasmic" Christmas, even the name scored you some love in the Humor department.

Originality: 9
The humor covered this for the most part, but cows during christmas was pretty damn funny, definitely unexpected. I also loved the mixture of Mortal Combat music with the Kill Bill type of vision when the cow heard something break.

Overall: 7/10
Definitely a good flash, just needs a few problems picked up here and there, once you fix the character movements and details up a bit, and clean up the sound you have a great flash. It doesn't have to be spectacular to net a high score, but compared to today's top 50 in the portal, it has to be damn good in these categories, and you have the potential...so use it! Great flash though, very original!

Imacow responds:

Nice review =P

I don't understand when you said they were "bouncing around the screen". I tried to fix the music, I might get back to that.

Thanks for the review.

Silly Short

That was kind of a silly little short, it was pretty simple in terms of looks and some work could be done on the animation in parts, the simple art is okay though. The sound was good although there was a part which sounded a little poor, but eh.

The fact that this seemed to be building up to a large action scene and then didn't was in someway a let down but also that was the silly part of the flash. It would have been nicer if it was a little longer because it did seem a little short. Still, pretty decent though some things do need work. Leep working at it!



= Review Request Club =

Imacow responds:



I liked this one. It's a very nice and short Christmas flash. The drawings are good and if Coop hadn't mentioned the overlines in his review, I wouldn't have noticed them ^^. I think it's okay if those lines stay there.

Sadly the sound quality of that last piece was quite low, too bad you couldn't get rid of those cracking noises there, as it hurts the movie a bit.

In my opinion the length of this movie is okay, as it is just a funny little movie for christmas and I think it is very entertaining :)

{ Review Request Club }

Imacow responds:

I might try to get rid of that static again.

Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2007
8:39 PM EST