Still Alive(NOT)

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Well i simply liked the song and i was boerd so thats why i havent tried much too make the graphics that fancy but tried too make something funny so before you say this sucks consider these words carfeully


I lik yar anumatin!

:) it was cartoony and good. eyes=awsome
GooD jokes
I rarley give 10s, but this deservs one.


lol the black mesa pic "try our head crabs, there safe!" i always loved that song, even if the voice is computer generated and is sung by the phyco maniac that tries to kill you 2 times, puts you in a dangerous testing facility, and killed the scientists who worked there via turrets and as she said in the boss battle "harmfull neuro toxin". im recomending you for the portal collection and putting this in my favs, plus ill get you a 5/5


Meh, it was crappy graphics tbf, but it made me laugh a few times, like with the guy on fire and the black mesa bit, and was that a giant bee near the end??

anyways, good work, keep it up =P


Good and loved it

decent but not great

A few things... 1) "we're out of BETA we're releasing on time" Beta as in Beta testing the game... 2) Try a little harder and update the graphics 3) try not to be so obvious with the jokes next time 4) try to add a bit more to the parts where all you see is the guy playing instruments. I gave this an extra mark cuz it's so close to Christmas. All this being said, this is still a pretty good flash. Looking forward to future improvements in your works.

Greatdictator responds:

hmm well i have too say i relly thought it said DATA hehe well thx for pointing this out too me and like i said in the description i was boerd one day and i wanted too make a quick flash movie

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2.06 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2007
8:20 PM EST
Comedy - Parody