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its my first flash anything , i did it last night in a few hours.
its not that great and the music dosn't match up but it was fun to try.

hope you like it.

oh and the music is by aphixtwin. dont worry my next will be better :)

re: so ive read some of the reviews, which i appriciate by the way.

so first of im using cs3 and i so don't know what im doing, i was kinda messing around.

ya that music cuts out at the end, not sure why it worked fine before i uploaded it.

i wouldn't even know how to fix it. plus it there was around 1367 frames and 20fps, and i wanted to do more with it but it was getting crazy to work with. it took about a !/2 hr to export.

oh and just to point out when i'm writing stuff in the movie, im talking to my self.

i do it in real life too, helps me think hehe.



You have talent mate! Not sure about the up yours bit at the end lol but yeah, loved the drawing and would have been even better if it were longer. I did read the comment though and i understand that the file was getting difficult to work with.

very nice

that was original and I liked it. I'm giving this a 5, and a 10, but I think the score may reflect the "up yours" message at the end, and some hard core NG people will give 0s to anything that doesn't have a story.

thespazz3000 responds:

thanks, so i kinda just started doodling and just ran with it thats kinda why it ended up something, super different at the end. about the up yours . it was the me just talking to my self. the was more to the conversation but it kicked it with i was getting to the limit. but i made a comment explaining it. so thats for pointing it out. thanks for liking it too.

Really good!

I think ths was really good, the scor isn't fair.

thespazz3000 responds:

its all good, im just happy it didn't get blamed hehe. thanks for the comment :)


Hey man, that was great!

Good work, good drawing.

Must've been hard to add strokes each time.

Did you use masks etc?

thespazz3000 responds:

thanks glad you liked it. im super new, so no idea of how to even mask. i just did the brush, onion skin. new frame and the resizer thingy. i did it all on the same layer which was kinda a bad idea, slow me down a ton. anyway thanks again.

Nice drawing skillz man!

Random and funny. I like that! Not really much I can say to improve on. Keep it up!

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3.23 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2007
4:59 PM EST
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