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This is my first serious flash game, and took me quite awhile to complete. I hope you guys like it.
Please leave any feedback you have, Ill read to all of it, even the bad stuff, "Your game sux" is completely valid =P but please leave reasons why it sux or why you like it.

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Not a bad game. I keep on dying though. It is a lot like a strategy game.

not bad

could use some refinement but still pretty good. for instance, more allied units and variation amongst them, like maybe add a nother class or increase how many auto turrets one can control, or add a member to the team, also this game had a fairly steep difficulty curb. the only technical weak point in this game would be the support funcion, it always took my money but was only a 50/50 chance that it would do anything else.
that aside, and you made one bitchin game
nice job


i suggest putting in multiple weapons

A error.

hey bro nice game and all but i play in basic level and when i finished well ya know da song when ya are in battle? well in da end where da cheats are said da same song that i tell ya din`t stop so i dunno maybe is for an error or maybe that da way that da game is i dunno.


This was a nice game. I tried veteran mode and I didn't take any damage. Was that supposed to happen?

rytherix responds:

Well err umm...... I thought veterans had seen enough battle and err they should umm take any damage. No simple mistake, already fixed it, thanks for the exploit find =D
You can now play on veteran, and have a veryjavascript:review_controller_5687 166.GetResponseController().Toggle(); difficult time