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Edit: Cool, it made it into the Christmas 2007 collection! Yay!

Well, this is my second ever Newgrounds submission, and my first Solo Project. I worked extra hard on this one, so please take time to play and review!

Also, be sure to play past level 1--the levels start easy, simple, and "boring" to some, but the game's complexity increases and becomes more fun!

Please review, leave any constructive criticisms, and feel free to PM me about whatever!

To play, simply click the Snowflakes as they fall from the sky. "Speedy flake bonus" is received when you click fast-moving Snowflakes. Fireflakes are red Snowflakes that, if you let them fall, deplete the quota bar and short you 500 points! Iceflakes are blue Snowflakes that, if collected, "freeze" your time bar and quota bar, allowing you extra time to get more points!

Have fun, and don't forget to review and rate!

And, to God be the glory.


I wanna catch Snowflakes!! =D

This is a great game! Simple concept but still quite fun! Not much wrong with this game at all.

Pros: 1) It's snowflakes! You can't go wrong with snow in my opinion! I love winter!
2) Great music! I'm gonna have to look up these guys and listen to their stuff. Thanks to you, I have a few more potential NG tunes to go on my favorites list.
3) Fireflakes!? That's gotta be every winter-lovers nightmare! Love the concept, though. Made it really challening.

Cons: (constructive criticism): 1) The speedy snowflakes were difficult to catch. I would click on one, but it wouldn't disappear. Something to work on, perhaps?
2) The 5th level with the snowman was nearly impossible. An idea to make it a bit easier: Perhaps the snowman would melt a little bit with each Fireflake you caught. Just a suggestion.

Overall: Great Game! 10/10 5/5
God bless, and Merry Christmas. Make more games soon!

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ShirkDeio responds:

Thanks for the review, and for the pointers. God bless you too!

nice work!

really well made game all around
interesting take on a genre
i can tell you really thought about how this game would play/look/feel and it shows!


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ShirkDeio responds:

Thanks, I tried to put lots of effort into this one!

Not bad for a second submission

like the tiltle says i think it was nothing too big or fancy but something is something. I would sugest to make this one of those games with no ending and see how amny points you get until the time runs out or you get too many bad flakes

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ShirkDeio responds:

Thanks for your input, and for reviewing!


you seriously need to put in a button or something that skips the point-counting.

ShirkDeio responds:

Try clicking the "click here to continue" button, it will skip the point counting. Thanks for the review.

pretty sweet

dude, very nice. i liked the style but if there were more levels it may be even more crazy. all in all, very good, liked that you could toggle the music/sfx. good concept. i liked it.

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ShirkDeio responds:

Cool, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reviewing!

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3.71 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2007
11:06 PM EST
Skill - Collect