Sonic:The Dark Side Prt 2

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Woo second episode of The Dark Side. Hope Everyone Likes It!!! Again, Reviews Very Welcome!! Will Reply To The Nice Ones, And Some Bad Ones Unless They Really Slag Me Off!! This Episode Is Shorter Than The First I Think, But Ive Got Good Ideas For The 3rd, So Hopefully The 3rd Will Be Longer And Maybe Better...But Im Not Saying This One Is Crap LOL! Enjoy!!

****Dont Watch If You Hate Sprite Movies And/Or Sonic Movies****

***Also Watch Episode One First!***

Enjoy People


---------edit: press space bar to progress through the text. -----

**Recommed For The Sonic Collection** :D


Very good..

Nicely done.. the only thing i think you should work on is timings.. the chat boxes stayed open for too long and having too right click and press play enough times aint that fun..

But still wrk on tht and its'll be even better!

Looking forward too number 3 =)

Akradon responds:

sorry dude, forgot to mention that you gotta press spacebar to progres thru txt. glad u liked it tho


idk if it was just my comp, but I kept havin to right click to move the text along, but it looked good.

Akradon responds:

hey, i forgot to put that u gotta press spacebar to progress thru txt. my fault! lol

ok but.....

what I don't understand is sonic didn't have a chaos emeral fighting the "creation" and yet he was so fastand strong. I think you're making him a little too godlike

Needs work

You should work on your action sprites, and smoother movements.
Also had some background music music helps set the mood. I haven't seen your other movies yet, so I'm going in what I've seen so far. I'll make another comment on the last video in this series
I story is nice so far.

Akradon responds:

yea, i thnk i have improved on all the points u said. i hope so anyway lol

OK i guess

just needs a little more happening at once, otherwise the text drags along with the scene....also too much time is given to read the text, but ok for a sprite.

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4.04 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2007
6:04 PM EST