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The Domino Knight

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Challenge yourself in this addicting domino puzzle game. Your job is to take the little knight through each level (49 levels) by using the domino tiles and level objects to solve the puzzles.

Use MOUSE to pick up tiles from the belt and use SCROLL WHEEL or SPACE BAR to rotate the domino tile. Click and drag the belt to make it go faster.

Reviews appreciated! Thanks.


Polished and buggy, if that makes any sense?

It looked like someone put a lot of work into this game, because the graphics and sound were all pretty good...But somehow it was just unplayable. One time I played, I got a bridge of dominoes going all the way across the screen but it didn't work for some reason. The level only ended after I put like three more dominoes down. Also, it wouldn't let me pick up certain dominoes, and I had trouble putting the dominoes down where I wanted. Very strange, and frustrating.

slightly confused

the object is to create a 'bridge' of dominos from one side to the other, correct? so I did just that but instead of the board clearing and thus going on to another level the one that I had just created a bridge on still continues making it impossible to really do anything else but place random dominos on the board. are you suppose to click/type anything to make to night cross the bridge???


Great game. Music gets somewhat annoying after you play for awhile(but all games
are like that). So my only suggestion for future games is to put two or three alternate music files in.

fun times!

classic game with a puzzle twist. keep it up!

nice game

loved it voted 5 on this good work

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3.42 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2007
10:27 AM EST
Puzzles - Other