The Domino Knight

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Challenge yourself in this addicting domino puzzle game. Your job is to take the little knight through each level (49 levels) by using the domino tiles and level objects to solve the puzzles.

Use MOUSE to pick up tiles from the belt and use SCROLL WHEEL or SPACE BAR to rotate the domino tile. Click and drag the belt to make it go faster.

Reviews appreciated! Thanks.


Simple Puzzle anyone should have a nice relaxing time to play.

Neat little game

This game was playable, probably because it just had a lot of cute sounds and things going on. This reminds me of the game "Train To Mexico" which I bet this is based on. That game actually was more elaborate than this, but this was still a decent effort. It was annoying with how I had to get the right combination all the time. It started out well, but then it got harder when you had to reach the other side. I do not even know what the hammer is for!

As you can guess, I am not very good at this game. I am sure people who are experts at puzzle games would have much better luck than I would. It was nice to see a game use dominos. Those things are such classic game pieces it's too bad you seldom see them in games on this website. The graphics were pretty fancy as well.


Was fun for a little bit.. but got to 2.1 and go bored.

Try more variety of things..
and what did the game have to do with a knight :S

Fun game! Novel use of dominoes.

Got to Level 6.4 so far, and that leads to my question...
You say there's 49 levels in all, but how does that equate to the level designation?
I'm at level 6.4. How many levels have I done? And how many are to go?

Otherwise, great game. Very addictive.


pretty borring the no offence but the only fun part about it is probably the dominose and if u call it the domino knight it might as well have something to do with a knight 5/10 nice try i no how hard it is to make a good flash but try harder next time.

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3.42 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2007
10:27 AM EST
Puzzles - Other