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SC is comin' to NG

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Full Title: Santa Claus is Comin' to Newgrounds

Hello, everyone. This is a movie I made to show you all what it would be like for a lot of Newgrounds charaters on Christmas. This took a lot out of me, about 3 weeks and a lot of hard work, so I hope you like it. I'm actually really relieved I got it done before Christmas, I was worried I wouldn't be finished. Oh, and the sound is a little off for some reason, I don't know why because it's fine when I preview it from the hard drive. Thanks for voting me in everyone, if you want you can submit it to Christmas '07. Anyway, enjoy, and merry Christmas!

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this may be wierd but

from now on im gonna follow your submissions and see if you get better at flash it was kinda my friends idea but still i know its wierd but oh well good luck if and when you make your next also send me a pm when your next flash comes out thnx

marcher138 responds:

It's cool, will do. I'm working on one right now that's a lot more complicated. I'm writing the dialouge for it now, but it'll be coming soon.

I made this account just to review you lol

Wow............. It was okay, but some parts moved too slowly for me to pay attention and there wasn't anything to string the parts together. It was like you threw everything in for no reason. The first 30 seconds were good, though.

marcher138 responds:

Thanks for the review. The slowness was wierd for me too, because it slowed when I uploaded it for some reason. And I did sort of throw everything in for no reason. Glad I got you to join.

good job

very nice man..looks very nice..keep it up and you will get better at it and make animations that will receive score of 5!!..good luck
Super SAK!

marcher138 responds:

Hey thanks man, and thanks for putting me in your favorites too.

This was great!

This deserves at least a score of 3. I hope it turns green while it's still in the portal.
I love the music in this movie. Transiberian Orchestra was a great choice. I love that song. Overall this flash was well made.

Poor Mario...

marcher138 responds:

Thanks, so do I.

wow...that was really poorly drawn

try harder next time,seriously put some effort into it,flash isn't THAT hard,it just takes time.This is a good idea i suppose,but the halloween music didnt make a lot of sense either,it just seems pieced together randomly.Sorry 0/5 didn't like it.

marcher138 responds:

Yeah, the drawing is hard for me, the fill tools aren't working so I've been transforming ovals. And the credit song is from "The Nightmare Before Christmas," so technically it's Halloween+Christmas.

Credits & Info

3.63 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2007
9:13 PM EST