Max Mesiria Chp3 RPG

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++++ !! !! FOR OUR FANS !!! !!! EVERYTHING PPL WANTED WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN, BUT we don't know when we will be able to get out the new updated version +++++++

so we say to our fan, consider this a beta version. what's missing:
-ppl talking
-items in barrel and chest
-fixing visual glitches
-world map (bland) will be upgraded
-most impressive beast arent in the game at moment
-other stuff

-MouseClick: interactions (save point, doors, etc)
-Arrow keys: character movement
-Enter: open/close the menu

About alchemy:
It replaces magic (for humans). To create an alchemy you must have all the ingredients, so buy some at the alchemy store!


Chap 3 letdown after 1&2, not engaging

The first 2 chapters were great, loved the grphics and story; I was really excited to see the third installment. What were you thinking?? The map is terrible, just big and empty, no one talks to you, space bar for action was much more convenient than using the mouse, the battle mode is terrible-I can't see my health, alchemy sucks, and instead of my awesome monster killing lunge I disappear and reappear. I can't see my inventory in stores and the graphics (and super annoying music) pale in comparison to the first chapters. Frankly I've nearly stopped caring about my favorite flash game. The only real solution I can see to improving this game is to remove it and start over. Seriously, you have unearthed all the features that made original Zelda a pain in the ass. By not allowing NPC's to talk you've limited game play on a map that is too open and lacking in features and leaves me feeling like I'm running in circles. I keep trying to finish this chapter but I can't force myself to get interested.

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SnailsAnimation responds:

we tried to remove it yesterday because it made front page :/ we touyght we had a day or two hidden at the bottom of the flash portal...
youll see huge improvement in a week
sorry bout this beta version
dont stop carring it will worth it
dont finish it now wait till next week and restart then :)
see it as a preview :)

Doesn't work

quit writing reviews, read the author comments and you'll understand why you always die against the squid....

Oh ok...

This is the one I didn't like, Gustave looks like pladoe and the guy with the headband I don't like him either should have given Gustave a genius GF rather then a friend with a spike haircut in my opinion prt 1 was really good though. I also don't care much for the world map should have started small too much area and no interaction. One other thing Gustave disapearing before his attack is probably what was the deciding factor in me not finishing this one again but hey it's not finished though so hopfully all that turns out well enough.

game starts up just fine...but i cant move the character at all :/


uninteresting stupid music bad graphics and it is repetitive!! this game is one of the most boring games ever you dont show the instructions anywhere you seriously need work you can go through an entire screen without seeing one monster and there is no map you have no idea where you are going half the time it needs some work.......

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4.23 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2007
1:05 AM EST
Adventure - RPG