S.T.M. The Fall

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Update: I know it sucks. Now just shut up! Some one hacked into my account and put it up! SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Not a very good idea

It's not such a good Idea to put in a video format in this website. If you really want to submit a man throwing a monkey down, the least you can do is draw it as a flash cartoon and at least give a storyline to it.


i dont mean to be rude but like "borly" said, this isn't a site for video's (I think) and is that all that happens? A pic of a monkey then screaming....and then nothing? It would be helpful in the future of your submissions to make it longer, a flash or audio video, and make it a bit more interesting. Just trying to be helpful! :)


altho it says "NewGrounds, everything by everyone"
but i think u still need to read the rules on NG
n i thinks u woulds see something like this:
"newgrounds is a place for flash movies and flash games, no videos allowed"
but the video is kinda funny, so ull have 5 stars from me just dont submit video next time, k?

Couple of suggestions.

Man, this isn't youtube. In order for a work of art to be accepted on this site it has to have at least some creativity involved. I'm sorry, but taping yourself throwing a monkey off the balcony, and adding sound effects from counter strike is far from enough creativity to be accepted in the portal. Mind planning out your work for next time, and working long and hard on it.


Should be on youtube, not newgrounds.

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2.00 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2007
7:52 PM EST
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