Giggles & Friends: Ep1

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WTF.com in association with RantGod Productions, and Monolithic Studios is proud to present a flash comedy series, "Giggles & Friends". Based on the crazy adventures of a psychotically evil hamster and his gang of misfits, Giggles & Friends touches on the privates of every topic under the sun, "WTF" style. Featuring an assortment of wild characters, this series goes beyond the insanity of daily life, and thrusts into a realm where anything can, and probably will happen.

Certain episodes in this series are meant to, and will offend some of you overly sensitive bastards. If you find yourself becoming offended with any episode in this series, we recommend banging your head against solid metal objects, until you either develop a better sense of humor, or fucking pass-out. Why? Because you have a fragile, worthless little mind, and your "feelings" mean absolutely nothing to us.

This is the first episode in the series, I hope you enjoy it. Granted there is a lot of room for improvement, but hey every series has to start somewhere.

Featuring voices by Taylor_Blade, UberSkippy, Unspun, HavokChylde.
Animation by Monolithic Studios (monolithicstudios.com)

Special thanks to WTF.com

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Good animation and characters, but I didnt think it was funny. Just a bunch of assholes that swear alot. I would balance your characters personalitys out to give you a wider target audience. Also it was alittle to sexist, made me think you have a problem with the ladys.

TaylorBlade responds:

Character development is one of the many things we're working on to improve this series. This first episode was meant to be one of the more crude episodes in the series. We're looking to expand off of this episode, and grow from here in many directions. No episode will be the same. As for the "sexist" thing, the character "uber" is an all around hater of people in general. He pretty much hates everyone. His jokes and actions in this episode and others are meant to reflect that personality aspect in a "joking" manor. We don't condone any serious hatred towards any gender or race. It's a cartoon, not a political statement. That being said, this episode being the crudest, was meant to be a tad offensive in several ways. :D

Thank you for your advice and feedback. It and others will help us improve the series a good deal, and is greatly appreciated.

We're also working on improving the sound quality, condensing episodes for improvement, and a few other things to help us expand.

Thanks again.

lol OMG

I go on this link and thinking its a lil kiddu show with a clown and some rainbow puff unicorns, but no i see a clown geting a bj from a dudes mom wth lol.

Great animation it rocked
you officially have ben pimped


the first 40 seconds or so were fucking hilarious.
then you went into a story that i didnt much care for. about another minute later i just closed the window. snore. 3 of those 4 stars are for that beginning alone. the other star is for the obvious effort you put in to this.

That was great, but the sound quality on the voice

overs needs alot of work. It all sounded like the people were on the phone or someshit. Also they just didn't stand out right. The voice actors themselves were pretty good, not the best, but they got the job done.

Funny stuff with great designs and good animation, at least as far as tweens go. Keep at it.

Death by cocks XD

Wow, that was sick. I love sick.
Of course, this was probably aimed more towards boys and men, but I still liked it.

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Dec 17, 2007
5:39 PM EST
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