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FULL Sprite tut! V3

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A small tutorial that will help you with sprites.
Version 3
New Features
- Fixed spelling mistakes. (SOZ)

This will show you how to get sprites, where to paste them and of course, how to get rid of that annoying white BG! Enjoy, Rate and Review!

WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN BY "YOU need to know how to use sprites before you teach others." I Obiously know how to sprite, or else this flash wouldn't exist! And I'm still waiting for the code for the UNmute button.

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you lost me as soon as i looked at sonic in the beggining, and how he isn't aligned incorrectly.

oh, and sprites are pictures that are made on the computer that when zoomed in, are made of pixels. NOT "PICTURES OF CHARACTERS FROM SNES, GENESIS, NES, GBA, AND DS."(there are also MUCH more consoles that use sprites, like, just to name a few, EVERY SYSTEM THAT HAS EVER COME OUT.)

and never advise paint to be used in flash, it ****s up the sprite when imported.

and no, I don't believe a sprite animation will be blammed for having no b.g.

and I still can't get over how terribly you DID animate the sprites, and like everyone's already said, this has been done too many times, but by ppl who have done it much better.