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This was a project that ran in early Autumn but kind of faded out with all the shenanigans that i get myself into. Anyway the concept of this was fairly simple, one artist animates a chunk then passes it on to the next one, the next artist has to find a way to pick up from where the previous artist left off and then add his own spin to it. Its a snowball effect if you will.

It's pretty short and sweet, i'll try and get a few more of these going next year on a semi-regular basis.

Special thanks to anyone that took interest in the project, specially my pal The-Swain.

The audio for anyone wondering is called the Tritsch-Tratsch Polka, by Johann Strauss Jr.



very cool!


Very nice, the way that each author's part of the animation segued into the next. Also, the fact that there wasn't a sudden change in styles was nice. And as for the music: classic. Literally.

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It was a neat idea....

Certainly something cool to see...different artists pass along a flash. I dunno...I didn't get the sense that everything connected, it just seemed like each artist drew random situations, it didnt really FLOW from one to the other if you know what i mean. not until the ending with the bunny and rockets at least.
It was good, but they were simple line drawings which didn't really look that great...it wouldve been better if it was colored. Good music choice though. it was still entertaining.

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It was allright.....

But it was a bit bizare..........make it longer next time.


Cool idea, nice animations...I think it's amazing how once you become good enough at flash, your animation style reaches a certain standard--despite the fact that I knew these were different animators, it all looked like the same person.

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Dec 16, 2007
11:48 AM EST
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