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Sick Joke Collection

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Not to be viewed if you have a soul.



now THAT'S a sick joke. LMAO

i dot see why there must be incest in this, it's BRILLIANT

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Sidorio responds:

Incest is sick.

Ha, this was great

Me and my brother laughed non stop while reading these, especially the one with the black bartender.

Sidorio responds:

Oh you silly racist.

Needs moar incest.

It had good variety of different kinds of jokes, which is a good thing, but there were too little incest jokes.

I noticed even a couple of anti-humour jokes in there, which is a must in every professional joke collection.

I'd given you guys a ten, but the music stopped playing while I was reading, so I'll just give you a six.

Sidorio responds:

I got the the 'weird' joke about pedophiles and cumming on faces from a post you made in a thread called 'Sick jokes are awesome'. A thread a made, which doesn't say much for my life.

A good source of jokes that I've not heard of.

If I want a good and quick laugh or to give my mates a good laugh, I'll use some of the jokes from this. It's a good source for jokes I'm sure hardly anyone has heard of.

I didn't approve of some of the jokes like the racist and sexist ones but that's the point of this flash. To completely repulse people who don't enjoy racism or sexism or to please those that do. I enjoyed the jokes that weren't racist and sexist so I still liked this flash. :P

I do like the fact that you had a selection (and a wide one that is) of different jokes but it could of done with another few categories. It would of also of been good if we could of had a choice of music. The music you picked was an interesting choice but it did actually creep me out a bit. :s
(maybe have a background too)

But yeah, this was quite entertaining. A great recommendation to those who have a sick sense of humour and will laugh at anything. I found no problems with it. (glitch-wise)
I fived this when it was under judgement. I got my protection point and so I don't lose this, I'll fave it. :)

If you do choose to make a second Sick Joke Collection, please add many more jokes.

Sidorio responds:

Wow, thanks.

There were categories for:

I don't know any penis jokes or bestility jokes, and gay jokes would just tip this over into down-right hateful.

As for music...I have that song on my Mp3 player. It's 'Heffalumps and Woozels' from Pooh Bears Blustery Day. I'm a big fan of Pooh Bear, but it's not something I like to tell people. The lyrics sound slightly suggestive to me.

"They're black, they're brown, they're big and thick, they're up, they're down..."



Sidorio responds:


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Dec 16, 2007
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