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Cattlepult Players Pack - Everything by Everyone : Even the players!
A few weeks back I released Cattlepult under Armor Games, as well as a competition for it. The designer of the best level, would be awarded $100 and 9 of the other best levels would be released in a players pack - well here it is!
An improved engine over the first game means its even more fun, and devilishly difficult, but don't worry, a walkthough will be available at ArmorGames.com.
Congratualtions to Dylan Shanahan, who won the $100 prize :) and thanks to everyone who entered.


ok game

this was a really hard game but the idea was really good. i never would have thot of making a game like this as a sequel with all levels made by different players, but myabe credit the authors some more with the art. i luv the graphix but the game and gameplay arent any different and it really isnt that fun.

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The only reason I gave you a 2 is because I love the fire grafix

Pretty damn good

to be honest all the people that say you should have instructions, yo probably should but it don't take anything more than common sense to figure out what you have to do.
wicked idea. wicked graphics.

Big problem

It's hard to play a game if someone doesn't even know how to. At least have insturctions.


Needs instructions, I got em from the first game but they need them in this game too. Good fun though.

Try this Cyborgasm<@>Major_LOLs<@>101000111010 0011010001010100211011101110111211Z00 00211Z00002113700003000002111Z0002110 00000400000211Z0000211Z0000211Z000021 100A111107113Z000011Z32003AAA1<@>1

It is actually possible :)

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2.53 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2007
5:53 PM EST
Skill - Toss