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Snow Throw

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Thanks for the Front Page Tom!!

Ready, Aim, Snowball!

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seen it before

i have seen several versions of this game. some good, some bad. yours is semi-bad. your mouse control continually gets stuck and it is very hard to aim. however, i am giving you 2 stars due to ok graphics. music was highly repetitive.


A rip off of a rip off of a rip off...

Good graphics and animation though but making a game with the exact same concept as other snowball games is never a good thing.

poor ripoff

This is a poor ripoff of an old snow throwing game, where you controled red kids against green kids, I don't remember it's name, but has smething similar to this. This game has better graphics, but much worse gameplay. There you could take the backup kids into cover, so you really had backup unlike here, since here no matter where you put them, the backup santas are getteing killed in no time. There you must have a strategy to win, here you must have luck. There when you clicked on a guy, his throwing power remained as long as you held the mouse, so you didn't need to keep him in the fireing line for many seconds, wich is assured death. Here you click the santa, draw against an enemy, relise him, than click again, wait to get the needed power again, and throw, and if you are wery lucky, you didn't get hit. In the old game a hit stunned the enemy for a short time tooand didn't take forever to knock them out, they needed about 3 hits, wich could be deivered quickly, becouse they didn't counterattack.
It was not a bad idea to remake that old bame with santas and goblins(?), but you shouldn't have ruined that good gameplay it had, becouse like this, the game is, despite the nice graphics, rather annoying and gets on ones nerves quickly!

not that great

there are tons of games like this one. it feels like i have already played. it nothing new exept your just santa throwing snow at some evil little rat monkey thing...

two thumbs down

i dont like the feel of this game, its also kind of difficult to keep all santas alive if you are attacking with another, not to mention that everything is drag and drop.
the music is terrible and so are the sound effects. im sorry but this is a 2 at best