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Nothing ever goes right in the city of Saatana. That's why everyone's leaving.

PS. I want to be an eye surgeon when I grow up!

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believe it or not, i had a dream in which that face-tentacle thing appeared. it was scary and made people do evil things. also there were schools of flying hammerhead sharks and ghosts of children searching for something in a park at night. by the way, cool flash.


that eye is ganna haunt me

High or not, still amazing to watch.

i dont have to be high to enjoy your flashes. the art is incredible, the music fits (in all of them, its hard to find that nowadays.) and the'yre so random, its awesome, keep up the good work buddy.

SAATANA eiks sen pitäis olla satan?

Eihän nuo muuten ymärrä.
Sopivan sekava by the way


....In a good way!!! Keep it up, this is awesome!