Link gets injured

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Author Comments

A spin off of my other series called "Mario gets injured"

It's a parody fuck you

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Link gets injured



1 star because:

The animation consisted of a static drawing with two legs that simply rotate to make it seem like he is walking (very poorly)

The "Fall" looked more like someone levitated him into the air, then slowly set him down on the rock.

His nose was done so poorly that it looked like a mustache composed of flesh.

You included "it's a parody fuck you" in your author comments, which makes you look immature and MAKES people want to vote lower.

And finally, when you make a "parody," the whole point of it is to make it a funny or ironic version of the original. This was essentially a poorly animated, poorly drawn, and rude version. There was no humor here.


I can never give a zero, so here's a one. I would have voted higher if the "Author Comments" didn't say "It's a parody fuck you".
Plus, it plain sucked, sorry.

Wow totally awesome

no way this just sucks, im srry but seriously there is no effort, and like Link fell over a rock... more like rotated over a rock veeeery slowly, also doesnt make sense

what am i looking at

WTF. I don't know how link got hurt or what he fell on and as he fell it looked like you just rotated the drawing instead of making him look like he actually fell down, the animation wasn't to bad . next time make the movie longer and work on the animation, and add in more sound or music to it. keep trying

Credits & Info

1.55 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2007
4:47 PM EST
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