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Nutcracker Trailer

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Author Comments

Glaiel told me I should put this on NG, and I always do as I'm told.

Please enjoy this preview to our upcoming Christmas game!

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Something To Look Forward To

This is part of the Flash Gamer Daily Preview for the Nutcracker:

Since the days of Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp teaming up and taking over the Flash game scene, several artist/programmer couples have made an attempt to emulate the success of their pre-Behemoth days, and for the most part do a decent job of delivering games that are well programmed and, for a change, not completely lacking on the art side. One of these groups consist of Tyler Glaiel (Glaiel-Gamer) and Nick Pasto (BoMToons), but are they one of the few that manage to stand out, or just another thrown together group that will ultimately get lost among other submissions in the portal?

If anyone has been following these Flash artist for the past couple of years, they'd be wise to predict good things from them. Both have accomplished a large number of milestones and awards on Newgrounds, as well as maintain their own sites with original work. It's also been proven that when these two are faced with the challenge of working with someone else, they almost always make something that pushes the boundaries of Flash, and leaves people waiting for more. This particular combination have teamed up on two occasions prior to this, more recently Incubus Pulsum, a game for the Armor Game's Rock Out Contest, but what they seem to be attempting to do here is something incredible, an adventure game with several different gameplay types and, by the looks of things, a very long single player adventure. One main concern is that a wide variety of gameplay will make it harder to follow the plot of the game, which is something that BoMToons likes to incorporate into most of his work. Will it work out?: Tough to say at this point, but it's looking great and the two seem to know what they're doing.

-Flash Gamer Daily
(Full Preview Coming Soon!)


sweet submission


That was awesome! BomToons and Glaiel-Gamer must have worked like heck to finish it!


[ 5/5 8/10 ]

Great work, I usually blam most pre-views because they are simply NOT awesome.

Your was not only great because the content, but the fact that you took time to carefully and caringly record all of that content. Along with a great game 'logo' and crisp show this was definitely not a blam for me.


:) niiiiiiiiiiice

if this is a real game and coming soon, then i can't wait im sure it would be front page material :)