The Eyes Have It

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Wow, after all this time of watching Flash, I'm finally on the other side of the screen!

Okay, this is my first Flash movie, so go easy. ^_^ It was originally just an experiment to see how well I could do with Flash, and it ended up snowballing into an actual short. I was pretty happy with it myself, at least as a first attempt. Enjoy the show! Oh yeah, and I recommend watching the credits; they're the last-minute jokes!

MESSAGE TO WOULD-BE FLASH ANIMATORS: If, like me, you want to make Flash movies but can't afford $200-$400 for the software, go Google a program called KoolMoves; I used it to make this cartoon, and I swear by it.

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I found it quite funny. Its also one of those things that are simple yet you cannot get enough of. I give you 5/5. I hope you make some more humorous cartoons

AdamNovagen responds:

Thanks DrClay! Actually, I mostly focus on drama, but I always like to have a bit of humor here & there.

Awesome sense of humour

Loved it. It was funny as first I thought they where people in the dark, then realised that they where just eye's. Great inspector gadget music and highly original concept, I give it a 4/5.

Quite funny.

There wasn't much to it, as it was just some eyes moving around, but I had a few giggles. The music seemed to go nicely in the background, and the sounds were used well. This is your first flash movie, so it's a good start~! Try adding a background next time, and animate more than just eyes. Keep at it and you will progress more, Flash is really fun, but a little difficult to use if you have never used it before. Just experiment with everything, and find out what you can do in Flash.

AdamNovagen responds:

Thanks for the respone, TheNightFox. Actually, I pretty much feel the same way about it as you. ^_^
As far as backgrounds & extra tweens & graphics, I will DEFINITELY be doing that in the future; in fact, all my Flash experiments are leading up to one goal, an action/drama series called Sonic A.


I would suggest adding color to the eyes (a ring around the pupils) for easier identification, and a little more colorful feel to it (that helps out humor often). I vote 4/5 for the humor and the storyline.

its ok for a first flash

it would have been better if it had actual words for the audio instead of gobble gobble at first i thought they were turkey eyes but its good

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Dec 13, 2007
1:07 PM EST
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