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Raccoon Christmas

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This is the first video I've ever made. It's about a raccoon who steals presents.


Excellent for a first production!

I'm shocked to see that this is only your first video. Most people reduce themselves to stick figures or lame flash games with poor gameplay as a first project, but you've placed yourself in a very rough spot and came out shining.

There are the obvious little flaws such as the dialogue balloons appearing strangely and the occasional clipping into the window, but those were masked by the extensive attention of detail that you've paid. The detail into the raccoon's fur, the movement of his eyeball and eyelids to match his emotions with the intensity in the room as well as his fluid animation to go with his anatomy makes this an overall polished product for a beginner to create!

I strongly encourage you to make more whenever you are comfortable with doing so, and go the distance with what you have to offer!



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Great animation!

I hope you improve your graphics and animation I just gave you the advice your looking for

OK I hope ya like it! :D

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That was

That was so stupid i couldnt watch 1 sec of it.i meen come on a raccoon going into a guys house and then stealing presents then santa comes up and gets a gun.oh man that was so retarded that it needs a new word for so bad it is.


nice try but could of bein better,
i never seen a guy standing with a knife in his chest just saying that he is dieing, and that is a dangerous window, it has more force then a bomb, seeing that the raccoon was in one piece after the explosion but gets sliced in half by a freaking window. unless u have razorblade windows u can break your hips on a a falling window but that's about it, so here are some pointers:
make realistic script and animation, try to add some more sound effects , maybe a happy christmas background song? euhm art was pretty good in my eyes,

YellowRaccoon responds:

it did have background music, and it's not a realistic video, I know that a window won't chop raccoons in half

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2.50 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2007
2:21 AM EST
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