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The Red Dwarf Game

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Its finally done. Iv spent ages on this, and iv finally made a clean and readable menu. Enjoy!

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the frog explodes

It was hard to controll and had nothing to do with red dwarf (wich i recomend) aside from star bug which wasn't in the first 2 seasons... pretty good though XD

red dwarf is gr8

a pretty simple game. a part from star bug it has nothing to do with red dwarf, i mean come on the music could have a least been the red dwarf theme. i cant wait till i can afford flash so i can make my own red dwarf game (i know its not easy)


I agree, that could have been more themed towards Red Dwarf, but it was an excellent game, and I really liked it

i like red dwarf

but the only thing about it is the starbug thats like me putting links head on a stick mans body and saying look its legend of zelda and having nothing else like it in it, also there were a few mis-spelt words and finally eventually it gets impossible because you have asteroids floating in the middle of the field. so im afraid you only get 4 out of 10