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Retratos Christmas

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I now spelled christmas right lol!

I aded an icon

YAY they put this on the christmas collection! :D

Ok so this is a new flash that im going to put.
Its short but preaty awesome!
It took like 3 days to make and its my second flash.
Anyway it dosent have a preloader but i'll update soon.
Oh and its going to have an icon to. :3
Retratos Chrismas 2 coming soon!

P.S.Please recommend this for the chrismas 2007 collections and for the pac-man collection to.

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you could attach the slideshow to clicking and increase the automatic delay.
Funny, but hard to follow.

Retrato responds:

Yeah I know, im learning how too do that but remember this was an old flash ^^'
Thanks for thr review :D


Its very funny but the pictures go to fast,DO SOMETHING WITH IT!!!!

Retrato responds:

Wow I seriously thought It sucked thx but that was one of my first animations.


Lay off Zoos... He's not being an asshole, he's giving constructive criticism. Anyway, next time you submit something, make sure it's at least animated... please

By the way, that's also constructive criticism.

Retrato responds:

Hes not he said this flash was crappy he din't say" bad" or "neads more work" or anything like that but your review is ok but pointless.
You know why i can't animate remamber.

Me, im not so generous

I agree with Wiiporter but i'm not going to be generous.

Its a growing trend for crappy flashes to get passed, and not only that but those people who create these crappy flashes to be so critical of other peoples work like they were the most amazing.

I remember there was a time when not ever single 1 day project made it through(unless it was hella good)

So next time, plz, before you press submit, reflect on your work as if you didnt make it, and then critque it and see if you should submit it

Retrato responds:

Well lets se...oh you havent made not even one flash?
You suck much more than i do so fuck you!

Awesome one!

Well not really but i worked a lot in this...well not really but still im proud of it!

~Tetsacry_-Retrato's ALT-_

Retrato responds: