Cow Bandits

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Collect all the cows and drop them in the mincer!
Finish each level quickly and efficiently for high scores.
Battle or avoid the enemy defences.
Save your planet from extinction!

Mouse (or cursors or WASD) to steer your ship.
SPACE to drop a cow.
< & > to strafe

This game has been re-submitted due to catastrophic server issues.
Sincere apologies for anybody who tried to play it before but couldn't- don't worry, everything is O.K now...

If the game is slow, right click and turn down the quality....ENJOY

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Great game but...

The controls kinds messed me up a lot, and they were a little annoyong. But other then that it had great gaphics, and nice sounds.Keep it up! :]

Wonderful Game!

Great Game!

I think the controls are brilliant. I love how you can play everything with just your mouse.

You are:
-Controlling your ship with thrusters (mouse button)
-Firing on enemies, turrets, switches, etc. automatically
-Targeting with mouse position
-Picking up and dropping off cows by flying near them and over the grinder.

Any other game would add in another 3 keyboard commands which you then have to remember or re-bind if they are not comfortable. What would you have gained? Nothing. There is no 'cost' to firing bullets, no reason not to pick up a cow and no reason to drop it anywhere but in the grinder.

not a bad game but one problem

i liked this and the story behind it but the controls were to annoying and i couldnt enjoy it.

fix the controls and re submit and ull get 10/10 from me but as it stands 6/10

not bad

I'll be honest and say i thought the control system was awful, you need to put in a fire button rather than just firing when you look at something.

still, not bad, nice graphics :)

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Dec 12, 2007
12:21 PM EST
Skill - Collect