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Prawn To Be Wild pt1

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lol nice

u r awesome i love it my favorit part is when i talk to the robot

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This is an awesome game I loved it alot, the animation was good and I liked the storyline of the game =D insanity prawn boy is awesome =D (IDK If i spelled his name right) you should totaly make another one =D

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i won

i finished it


The single fact that there was a big daddy made the game excellent, but the graphics were great, and the game was fun.

I don't like the post under me telling everyone how to beat it :(
But I guess you can never get what you want.
Good job Weebl!

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i got 2 endings when i played both times

in 1 prawn dies and in the other theres an ice age. now... WARNING SPOILER DO NOT LOOK IF YOU WANNA SOLVE YOURSELF
1. talk 2 the guards and select last 1 and say docors and nurses time. 2. go left and pick up the stick 3. go down and into the store and put on the blood soaked dress. 4. go out of the store and keep going left then up. 5. kill the octopus (you kill it by clicking the wiggly rocks, if it hits enough he dies, if u use all of them and hes alive u can go out and try again). 6. click the bottle of tasty tummy medicine in the clam and click it again. 7. go back to the place u started and go right to the guards at the door and go down. 8. use the stick with the grate 2 get it open. 9. talk 2 the guy and say i smell dead people. 10. talk 2 the guy guy and select the 1st 1. 11. go left then the change room then the king's room. 12.talk 2 the king and say u have the cure.

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3.79 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2007
10:52 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click