[AG] Dodge Ballin'

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ASDW or ARROWS to Move
Click & Hold to Charge - Release to Throw (Your ball goes in the direction of your cursor)
SPACE + Left / Right will dive (5 sec reuse)

This game was made by my high school Programming II class. It features our school as well as 7 others from our area. We made each team have different combinations of speed, power, and accuracy, but all are balanced. There are 3 rounds to the tournament.

Play this game at www.axis-games.com/dodgeb allin.php to earn points and unlock the other two teams.




Absolutely horrible.

This is one of the rare few games I've encountered where it is actually possible to lose within the very first second of play: the computer's team scored three simultaneous hits as soon as the first level started.

The controls often do not function properly, the graphics are poor-quality and distracting, and the AI is severely tilted in favor of the opposing team (the player's team-mates are worthless).

There was no part of this game I liked or found interesting--only annoying.

eh. it was good

eh it was good but you cant catch any of the balls that are being thrown at you

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great game

it is a good game just could use better graphics so keep it up and maybe make some more like it

pretty good

i didnt like how short itw as or how u couldnt onluock the last 2 teams but otehrwise pretty sweet, lol

very nice

very good man i liked it it was fun somtimes i got owned and sotines i owned!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

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4.16 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2007
5:26 PM EST
Sports - Other