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[AG] Dodge Ballin'

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ASDW or ARROWS to Move
Click & Hold to Charge - Release to Throw (Your ball goes in the direction of your cursor)
SPACE + Left / Right will dive (5 sec reuse)

This game was made by my high school Programming II class. It features our school as well as 7 others from our area. We made each team have different combinations of speed, power, and accuracy, but all are balanced. There are 3 rounds to the tournament.

Play this game at www.axis-games.com/dodgeb allin.php to earn points and unlock the other two teams.



I did not care that much about this. I think the worst part was the animation or graphics. It looked way too old for 2007. It looked more like 2000! Anyway, I'm very bad at this game anyway. The losing screen just popped out of nowhere at the end and freaking scared me!

I guess you could get a clear understanding of what was going on. It just didn't add up to much. I think I just got lucky the first time I played. Even then, I couldn't hit anything. It was a bit too much for me to keep up with.

Nice attempt but lacking in most areas, poor physics and lack of detail hinder it.

not to bad

not to bad but it can be better.ou who whats free pokemonesiode


not bad.. are these teams based on schools in charlotte NC?

decent, but leaves alot wanted

no catching, hard to dodge. only one strategy, and as soon as it is mastered, you are unbeatable.

with your character, just dodge, no throwing, no charging up a shot. just dodge. once your teammates die, wait for all the balls to be on your side of the court.
throw at sharp angles, never straightforward. the computer can't dodge the shots.

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4.16 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2007
5:26 PM EST
Sports - Other