Natsu vs Gazille

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Hey there, everyone, it's been a while since my last submission, right? Those of you who haven't seen my other stuff please check it out if you have time and even review them if you want!

Anyway!!! This movie is about the fight between Natsu and Gazille (please don't ask me how to pronounce those names)
When I started this movie the fight had not yet been done in the Manga so it isn't the same as Mashima's (duh!)

Natsu is a Fire Dragon Slayer (he shoots fire basically) and Gazille is an Iron Dragon Slayer (he can turn into iron) and they are two of the only Dragon Slayers in their guilds.
Natsu is in Fairy Tail and Gazille in Phantom Lord and their guilds have been rivals for a while and after Gazille trashed Fairy Tail Natsu gets mad and goes after Gazille!

Oh, and there are quite a few ways that Gazille has been translated (e.g Gazil) so if it's not the way you think then I'm sorry.

Right, now I've explained that, all that's left to say is...


Side Note: This is a movie about the Manga (Japanese comic) Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima. Fairy Tail will be hitting US shelves in March 2008 I hear, but for now Google it and you should find something.


What is this???

I thought this was a 8-bit movie but the animations are bad,
dude i'm a Fairy tail fan and you dont even how to spell Gajeel.

i read the manga, and your dialogu kind of stunk, the fighting stiles sucked, and gazille was a little out of character, but you obviously referenced the manga well, and i like the madness style. overall, it could use some improvement, but i like it.

heyy shut the hell up

all you extreme fairy tail fans please get off his back about the name and other canon. A lot of scanlators translate his name as gazille for the mangas so stfu and take it up with them. With all your loyalty for Fairy Tail and being on this site I don't see any of you making a Fairy Tail flash. but cosmodious going with the madness concept seems like it was a bad idea. But please ignore them you just keep practicing at least you have the gall to put your stuff up here. =D no but seriously practice!


1. wtf this sucks
2. hes called Gajeel not gazille

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This was very bad. Sad to say, being a Fairy Tail fan myself, and I can tell some effort was put into it, but the animation, story, sound, and even the subtitles were bad. You get a 2 for being the only Fairy Tail animation to pop up. Thats about it.

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3.32 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2007
5:03 PM EST
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