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i had to rush the animation because it was for a college interview so i had a small dead line.

the sound and animation sucks and i'm not exactly proud of this one but still it isn't that bad and it is a pretty good script.
i can draw too but i wanted this cartoon to have a very simple style to it.

new animations (better ones) will come soon ... i hope. if i can be bothered.

thanks for the great reviews btw.

And i wasn't sure what some people ment when they mentioned lice capades from south park... i have now seen it, and you're right, my cartoon is very much like that episode infact i was a little scared at how similar it was ... creepy man.


cool man

That was great even if it was s bit violent still loved it tho.

dommi-fresh responds:

oh i see so your not the violent type.
oh well i'm really glad you liked it thanks for the review!

it was good

for a first animation this was pretty good. if you improve your flash skill you could be one of the greats. i loved the story line kinda reminded me of an episode of south park where the nits go and live on angelina jolie's cunt. i loved the bit at the end "p.s. your entire family is also dead....bummer" lmfao i fell off my chair laughing so hard at that bit. so keep the short snappy comedy and practice your flash skills i look forward to your next flash.

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks... i aspecially apreciated the 'you could be one of the greats' comment. i am working on new stuff so hopefully it will do well


First of all, congratulations on your firstly submitted flash! It's a good start, but it's nowhere close to the best flashworks I've seen. The animation is all tweens, the graphics aren't very smooth or unique and the backgrounds are simple. It lacks a plot too, and seems kind of pointless to watch. Looking forward to see more of your works though! Keep going!


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dommi-fresh responds:

thanks for your honesty!
i'm getting slightly better.... i hope
i jus got a new graphics tablet and i'm starting some new stuff.

Funny, but you could have done a bit better.

I really liked the humour. But at least you could animate the water.. it's not so hard.. Just a couple of keyframes, move the rain o n the frames to different spots, make it a loop.-. and voila! Xp

Anyways, you made something that's worth staying alive around here.


dommi-fresh responds:

thanks i would have animated alot more but i had to do it within a week!! anyway thanks

O Fortuna! Ha!

That was such a great part.

dommi-fresh responds:

yea that bit is the only bit actually like! glad you liked it

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2.30 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2007
4:29 AM EST
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