Wacked! Out takes!

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Being that I won't be able to make new episodes of Wacked! anytime soon, I decided to make this due to the fact that it contains existing but altered footage.


so it was preety much bloopers

even though you did it good there alot more like this what i mean by that is that other authors have gone for that approach that you did like you went for the bloopers right but other authors have dome the same no what im sayin. it was good dont get me wrong bro i mean that its not originaL

Shame on you!

Your Wacked series is so good, and this is so shit!
The annoying 5 4 3 2 1 was terrible.
It only really makes sense if you`ve watched most of the Wacked cartoons.
I highly recommend you do watch the Wacked cartoon before watching this otherwise it will seem like a complete pointless animation.
(Thats basically what it is)
So watch the cartoon okay, then you will understand it, but the movie is really crap anyway really not worth the 2 minutes it takes up.
Poor effort.

Ha ha

It was an ok movie but it wasent fuuny evry thing that happen has been dun befor . And the damn Ha ha was so annouing.<^>(0O)<^> HAHA

Woah, first reviewer in fourteen months...

Anyways I guess it was pretty funny. I like the other episodes better though.

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Funny! And I haven't even seen the series yet

It was sweet even though I haven't seen the series yet!

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2.85 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2002
6:16 PM EST
Comedy - Original