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I'm sorry for not having portal sfx, but I couldn't find them. If anyone has some, could you please send them to me.
This is my first flash using Portal (copyright Valve along with the music), so there may be a few skipped frames. I apologize if this is not as good as you hoped but I am improving!
Please suggest this for the Portal collection! Save the rainforest (I guess)



yeah that about sums it up interesting

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Chaosmage97 responds:

It's funny 'cause I don't have the game.

Dude Creapy

Suprisingly good music, but I suggest PLAYING the game before you make flash content of it... P.S. Don't be all "You don't make flash" or anything, checking peoples profiles just cuz they rated low is stupid. We don't NEED to make it, we view it, mmkay? And try smoothing out those sharp lines on the guy a bit, otherwise make another when u get better at flash xD And I DO INDEED HAVE FLASH EXPERIENCE!

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What the?

i wasnt that goof my first time O_O...also companion cube wouldnt be on a level like that.

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Chaosmage97 responds:

And I hadn't gotten the game yet back then. And that's not companion cube. I knew that before I got the game.
Oh, yeah. Just checked. You've never made a flash.


In response to your response towards hat-man, just because I can't make a flash at all doesn't mean I can't rate and review a flash or song badly. More than half of the people on Newgrounds probably can't make flash or music; so you don't want them to review your work? Your logic seems foolish to me.. And you obviously aren't 'checking' the people who rate your movie well in order to see if they are making flash or audio.
Oh well, anyway, about the movie. It really wasn't funny at all, and yes, i know this is your first flash, so I shouldn't expect much from the animation.
Well, keep it up.

Chaosmage97 responds:

Well, to be honest, I did check the people who rated it as bad. I knew why they rated it bad, but it's not really fair to say "Oh, you did horrible. You're a disgrace to flash, etc." if they can't do as good if not better, y'know?

not bad

could have used sound effects (even those not for portal), motions were a little uneven, good that you had music but might have picked something slightly more apt, maybe have a slightly longer animation for portals opening as they seemed to just randomly appear.
not bad for what it is. 5/10, you pass, but just.

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Chaosmage97 responds:

Well, I did ask for the sound FX and appologized for the inconvenience, and the music was from the first level of portal so that actually fits as well as it can!

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2.00 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2007
8:58 PM EST