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Keep clicking the big button untill you have the score you want and then submit it!
Note that you will have to start again because your score will be reset to 0. Don't forget to submit your high score!

I WILL reply to your reviews, just give me about a week to do so. If I don't and you want me to reply, send me a private message.

Thanks to everyone that saved this. Unlike last time!
Includes High Scores so your efforts doesn't go to waste.

Buttton click game. Keep clicking that button!

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Yes, I rated 10 on purpose. Yes, this is awesome

N5 responds:

Glad you like it. What score did you get?


did u make this cause u were as bored as hell

N5 responds:

Yes that's basically it, I was bored. I found myself messing around in flash and I ended up with a button that increases a number. I just wanted to know how much people would just click a button.


what the point, is it to prove that the people on the top have NO LIFE, go read a book or something watching tv sitting on a couch is haveing more of a life than this

N5 responds:

You could keep clicking and watch the TV at the same time. That way you can still have a life.
Thanks for the review becuase I don't really care about the score. I like reading reviews :D

It's so stupid..so wonderfully stupid!

It's basically a ranking system for testing peoples' persistence. So far I'm in the top slot with 243,186 clicks. :)

My next goal is 500,000. I must really, really suck.

N5 responds:

So you got the score of 563,376 did you? This game hasn't been on newgrounds for a day yet. So that means you clicked it about 6 times a second for a whole day. Try and get a score of 99999999999. it shouldnt be too hard for you


its pretty funny for people to actually sit there clicking it over 20,000 times its just funny
i like how no one ever thought of this lol

N5 responds:

well I wanted to make something sort of good that didnt take more than a few hours to make. So I came up with this. (Plus I was bored.)

Yea it is pretty funny.