Merry Christmas Ricky Ray

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A short animation I made to jump start "The RIcky Ray Show!: The Animated Series" for SEASON 2 and to make sure you all have a very merry Christmas with a little Uni and Sara action. KEEP IN MIND this is NOT AN EPISODE, more of a Christmas card to all the fans of the animations and comics.



If my speakers worked i would've enjoyed it, i always do.

I say though, and i know that kissing scenes are hard to make look right, but, you need to work on them. Trust me, I know it's hard, its hard enough to make a full-fledged flash animation, and takes a long time of hard work. But, it actually made me kind of want to run away.......
Just saying...
But, anywho, The animations looked pretty smooth, though i feel like Ricky and Jimmy are getting unusually... chubby. Though, i know you are trying new character designs lately. I kind of miss the old, not so shiny glasses Ricky Ray. But, had i had Sound, i would've enjoyed it more and payed less attention to the drawings and not have cared. So yea,

good job.

*hand shake*

*phone opperater lady's voice: * "Please insert money for good review now"

Oh, one last thing...

I feel the need Ricky Ray should end up fighting some super evil, like.. office tape or something. Mwahhaa

*Short end note:* Keep this series up, it's one of the few i like that are still going.

So hot it'll melt the snow

God Bless you man...god bless you...

It's so beautiful...

Ricky, you rock

Man, I loved those comics when we were in school, Its nice to see someone from Liberty is doing well. When it first started you sounded like JD from scrubs, it was really funny though. Your art has gotten better since we were in scool, and the whole plotless idea was a good setup. Oh and I think you have perfected breasts, youve even given them simmetry, god couldnt even do that, you rock dude, Im glad to see you made it on NG, this has been my favorite site for years, Im gonna go watch your other ones now.

awesomnes....but everythings better with naked ppl

dude i luuuuuuuuv ur series. but come on now, UR FANS ARE DYING!!!! if u dont get them naked soon someone's gonna make a gay ass parody and do it for you. peace!



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Dec 9, 2007
4:08 PM EST
Comedy - Original