PT3: Santa's Big Secret

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"By time we become old enough we learn to decide what's real. But for the mean time..."

Here's an early christmas gift.
Warning: If hentai offends you please don't watch this. In case you didn't know what hentai is, it's a type of animated porno.

Bonus Features:
- A Tutorial - A Persuasion Game - A Dress-up - Hentai Mini Game

Flash 8 Required

Edit: Thanks for the collection NG!




another rape. BUT this time by (fake) santa awesome!


it was very touching.....it made me cry ;)

d-z responds:

Wow, you have a piece of the light inside you. ;-}

Helping and better :)

Here's the hint for that hentai game
U may not belive this 1 but i figure it out :)

But i insit kind sir. You have defened us from evil Grovelous for a long time now he is finally dead! There must be something i can do...
Answer: It is enough for my cybernetic heart to know that your people are safe

Wat drives you in your quest of good-will?
Answer: The end of all evil wat really takes over my mind.

I always dreamed of a shining angel taking me away to a beautiful place.
Answer: You don't look half bad, any angel would trade eternity for you.

Oh my that reminds me of a movie I've seen. It made me cry a lot. Earthings
are a tomatic bunch, wouldn't you agree?
Answer: I've traded my earthy shell for this cold existence in the name of

But wat about Grovelous? He used to be a human once but his heart is dark as the deepset teaches of space. He really desered to die!
Answer: He was misunderstood.

Why was that?
Answer: Click this buttom

Why is a tragedy after all.
Answer:Indeed. Can i buy you a drink?

But i bought some moon cake. You must be hungry after that fight. Wanna
share them with me?
Answer: Don't mind if I do.

You eat in a very funny mannet , Sir : Hee Hee Hee......
Answer: "Reuling" is much more correct a term for this. Ha Ha HA......

Say you really looked buffed. Do cycborgs work out?
Answer: This body is already moulded like this. You really have to see me in a

Oh you funny guy. Can i call you "Blue"?
Answer:Sure miss Moon. That endears me a lot.

Answer: If you consider this a "date". This has to be my date as a cyborg.

I'm a member of the N.B.8.B socity and i doubt my tittle will change for a very long time. See.....
Answer: I mean no offense when i ask this, about your population, i mean, uh...

Do you mean to ask about our means of teproduction?
Answer: I'm just puzzled about that. But it's okay if you wouldn't tell me.

It's alright. I like the way your eyes fizzle when you're curious, hee hee....
Well it's really quite simple....
Answer: <Shut up and listen>

The love of the "Man in the moon", our goal, gives out woman children through
his divine light...
Answer: Tell me miss moon, how does a woman go though this?

When she wakes up in the mornig, a child will already be in her womb
Answer: Fascinating

Imagine The Man On the Moon's powers.... It works in ways far beyond mortal
Answer: Actually, I have this one little secret.

Do you feel we are close enough to share it?
Answer: I've never felt so close to anyone up this point.

Answer: <Hold her Hand>

Are you the shining angel I had always been wishing for?
Answer: I'm not sure about that. But we could go crusing on board my ship.

Let's go!
Answer: But first, you must prove your love and loyalty

Me i enjoyed this game can't wait for an other PT4 cause im looking forward to
Oh yeah beware on that BRD quiz because all of them are in pemmship so read
them first

I enjoy from your fan MartyManX or u can call me Martin and for short form

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Lol very nice...

The robo dudes reminded me of them power rangers lol, Also it had a great setup.

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d-z responds:

Thanks man!

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Dec 9, 2007
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